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Winner of the PL Show Ranking 2005


PRISKA Marstal


 International Show Champion, PL Champion, LV Champion, WINNER OF POLAND 2005,  Youth Winner, Multi CAC/CACIB/Best of Breed (The Netherlands, Latvia Poland), Best Progeny Group 2009
PT-I (PL BH), BST, HD A (free), ED 0/0 (free)

22 April 2003 - April 2014

F: Youth Club Winner (ADRK) '02, European Youth Winner (VDH) '02, VPG-I, HD-, ED- FANTO vom Kummelsee M: Interchampion, Polish/ Czech Champion, PL Youth Champ., IPO-I, HD+/- NESKA RAUBRITTER Ankus

PRISKA - 9 week old

PRISKA - 4,5 m.o.

PRISKA - 6 months old

PRISKA - 12 m.o.

PRISKA -  23 m.o.

PRISKA -  2 years old

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