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Puppies at our home


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  The whole 4 of our adult rottweilers live together with us, inside the house. Of course, our puppies are raised at home as well. About 1-2 weeks before puppies birth we prepair a room (the one which is next to my bedroom). In this room it is placed specially constructed, spacious wooden box. Its construction provides the mum with high comfort and on the other hand it protects puppies from being crushed to the walls.

In the 2nd day of our puppies' life we tie each of them a ribbon of a different colour. Thanks to this we can individualy observe development of each puppy. From the very beginning the little ones are weighed regularly and in this way we check whether they gain on weight evenly.

During the whole period of growth at our home, puppies are regularly controlled by our dogs' vet. When they move to their new owners, each of them is 2 x vaccinated and 3 x dewormed. And of course they are all equipped with International Health Books. Our puppies are not docked any more since 2003 - they have natural tails. At the 6th week of puppies' life the litter's inspection from our Kennel Club takes place, during which all the puppies are tattooed and on the basis of this inspection birth certificates can be issued. It is done by a FCI rottweiler judge.

  We pay lots of attention to socialization of the puppies. They are raised from their birth till moving to their new homes in the room right next to my bedroom. Almost 24 h there is someone of us with them. We often turn on TV or radio in their room, so that they could get used to different sounds. When our puppies get self-reliant enough (about 4th week of life), they are taken to other rooms and if the weather is fine also to the garden. During the whole period of development at our home, the puppies meet not only their mother, but also our adult dogs. Moreover, they can meet other people - guests who are visiting us (obviously with maintaining of hygiene rules). We do our best to "broaden their minds" from the very beginning. This gives solid basis for the further development of our puppies in their new families.

Our dogs (adults and puppies) are mainly fed with dry complete food of premium class. Each puppy is provided with a special pack containing food for the first days at new home. Our puppies are also introduced with minced beef and white cottage cheese.

When the puppies are 8 weeks of age they can move to their owners. They are also equipped with the full set of documents containing all the info on their parents and their further background.

Our puppies are sold to different countries. However, we do not send our puppies alone by plane. We have to meet future owners of "Marstal" puppies who visit us and come personally to take their new family member.

It is important to us to stay in touch with owners of "Marstal" puppies. We are always willing to help them and reply to all the questions. We are pleased to get pictures of our puppies growing up and hear news about them (and also promote their wins and other success).

If you are interested in a "Marstal" puppy, please visit Current litter page or e-mail us if you have any further questions.

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