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Our rottweilers are family members first of all, apart from great show results they achieve in many countries!

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News & updates

Last update: 28 Aug. 2017 - we make a small update of our website after more then 2 years! It's not easy to sum up most important moments from this period :) In short, DYLAN Marstal became INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION (C.I.E.) and CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA, and he needs only one more Dt.-VDH Ch. Anw. to complete Championship of Germany. His 9,5-year old mother MILLA Marstal became first ever in Poland VETERAN CHAMPION OF GERMANY! Our youngest "Marstal" line continuator - FOR MARSTAL FIBI Erdenet - daughter of SELENA Marstal, granddaughter of MILLA Marstal, great-granddaughter of PRISKA Marstal and great great-granddaughter of NESKA RAUBRITTER Ankus completed CHAMPIONSHIP OF POLAND and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (C.I.E) participating in 5 shows only - winning on each of them!

DYLAN and FIBI were also officialy checked for JLPP gene presence (severe genetic rottweiler disease) and both of them have genotype free of JLPP (JLPP N/N).

Finally, the most important news - after many years of break, in September we excpect new "Marstal" litter, whose parents will be FOR MARSTAL FIBI Erdenet and young, top world stud dog from Croatia SUMO von Tonis Bergen. This will be the first puppies sired by SUMO in Poland! More info on our expected litter on Expected puppies page.

Sorry, we are not updating each individual pages. We are working on a totally new version of our website! Available, hopefully, soon!


In the photos, sons of DYLAN Marstal and AURA Skordatura:

Badi BullandRot (Dylan Marstal x Aura Skordatura) Badi BullandRot (Dylan Marstal x Aura Skordatura) Badi BullandRot (Dylan Marstal x Aura Skordatura) Borys BullandRot (Dylan Marstal x Aura Skordatura) Borys BullandRot (Dylan Marstal x Aura Skordatura) Borys BullandRot (Dylan Marstal x Aura Skordatura)

18 May 2015 - finally, time to update our website again. Last year and the beginning of 2015 brought many wins of 'Marstals', so we'll focus on most important ones.

In 2014, our DYLAN Marstal was shown on 13 shows under 13 different judges from 9 countries. He received 12x V1 and 1x V2! He became CHAMPION OF HUNGARY and CHAMPION OF POLAND, and also made first steps to become CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. DYLAN passed also BH exam and continues IPO training. Now, he's a stud dog available for suitable females.

As a result, DYLAN became BEST ADULT MALE 2014 in the show ranking of the PL Rottweiler Club!

We added many photos of DYLAN on the page Picture gallery of DYLAN.

Two daughters of our MILLA: SALMA Marstal and SELENA Marstal completed INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (C.I.E.)! Already 6 'Marstals' are International Champions now! Huge congrats to the owners! SALMA also added CHAMPIONSHIP OF POLAND to her long list of titles. SELENA became German Winner 2014 on International Show in Leipzig.

In April 2014, special, unforgettable PRISKA Marstal passed away at almost 11 years of age. Mother, grandmother and great grandmother to many fantastic rottweilers.

16 Mar. 2014 - it took us quite long to update our website :) Let's summarize what happened since the last update.

Our young boy DYLAN Marstal (MILLA & LENNOX vom Weissen Schwan son) took part in 3 shows in Poland (Gdynia, Gorzow Wlkp. and Warsaw) in the junior class and became 3x Junior Winner and Best Junior of Breed. As a result, he completed PL JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP at the age of 10 months. Here are a few photos of 15-18-month old DYLAN:

DYLAN Marstal DYLAN Marstal DYLAN Marstal


In the end of last year DYLAN's hips and elbows were x-rayed and turned out to be HD A, ED 0/0 (dr A. Siembieda).

Our MILLA Marstal enjoyed her obedience training and she passed BH exam with the result 60/60 points! Here she is during the exam:

MILLA Marstal MILLA Marstal MILLA Marstal

Also MILLA's kids from her first - 'S' litter (out of ARKAN vom Hause Neubrand) brought us lots of happiness.

SELENA Marstal won all shows she took part in. At international shows in Szczecin and Zakopane (PL) she took 2x V1, CAC, CACIB, Best Female titles and in Zakopane additionally Best of Breed. On national show in Inowroclaw (PL) she also won full set of titles: V1, CAC, Best Female, Best of Breed. She completed adult PL CHAMPIONSHIP and she's heading to become INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. SELENA in November 2013:

SELENA Marstal SELENA Marstal SELENA Marstal

Living in Latvia SALMA Marstal has even longer list of trophees! So only the most important ones - completed adult CHAMPIONSHIPS OF: LATVIA, LITHUANIA, ESTONIA, BELARUS, BALTIC STATES. Numerous wins on national shows and 4x CACIB (2x at int. shows in Parnu-Estonia and 2x in Riga-Latvia), 3x CACIB res. (LV, LT, NL) and titles PARNU WINNER 2013, PARNU SUMMER CUP WINNER 2013 & BALTIC WINNER 2013! Only small step in 2014 needed to INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP completion. Here is SALMA during our meeting in Druskininkai (LT) - summer 2013:


The last photo above comes from that family meeting in Lithuania of MILLA (in the middle) and her 2 daugthters living abroad - SALMA (on the left) and SOPHIE (on the right).

Fantastic success SALMA Marstal also achieved with her best friend WORT - together they became II BEST COUPLE 2012 and BEST COUPLE 2013 in the show ranking of Latvian Kennel Club, among all breeds!

SAMBOR Marstal won 2x V1 & CAC & Best Male at the shows in Grudziadz and Gdynia (PL). A few SAMBOR's photos:

SAMBOR Marstal SAMBOR Marstal SAMBOR Marstal

Living in Lithuania SOPHIE Marstal became adult CHAMPION OF LITHUANIA. SOPHIE - Summer 2013:

SOPHIE Marstal SOPHIE Marstal SOPHIE Marstal

On show rings made late debut (making us great surprise) LIBRA Marstal - daughter of PRISKA Marstal and swedish dog Orkanens OOPS THE OUTLAW. At her first show - international in Sopot (PL) she took V1 & CAC. LIBRA is first of all working dog - she passed IPO-II with a great score. She's another 'Marstal' with IPO-II exam. Also GANDALF Marstal has this exam passed. As far as we know, only 5 rottweilers in Poland have IPO-II - 2 of them are 'Marstals'!

LIBRA successfully started also 2014 winning V1, CAC, Best Female and Best of Breed on the nat. show in Gdansk (PL). That's LIBRA during our last year's meeting:

LIBRA Marstal LIBRA Marstal LIBRA Marstal

Big congrats to all 'Marstal' rottweilers owners for that amazing results! Thank you for giving them your love and care!

Latest news - on 16 Feb. 2014 our MILLA Marstal became grandma. In 'Erdenet' kennel beautiful, equal puppies out of SELENA Marstal and ADRK/VDH Champion LENNOX vom Weissen Schwan were born. We recommend

11 Nov.2012 - at the Inernational Shows in Poznan (PL) SELENA Marstal won 2 x V1 & CAC. Congratulations to the owner for fantastic debut in intermediate class!

At the International Show in Riga (LV) SALMA Marstal won V1 in intermediate class and with her friend WORT they became 3rd Best Couple in Show. Congratulations to the owners!

We add also photos of MILLA & LENNOX vom Weissen Schwan son at 6 and 8 weeks of age.

Nice moments were followed by bitter ones - on 1 Nov. ELIOT NESS Marstal passed away at the age of 10.5 years.

07 Oct.2012 - last weekend, on one of the first BH exams in Poland (Gdynia) "Marstal" rottweilers did great job and SAMBOR Marstal & LIBRA Marstal passed BH exam. Besides, LIBRA Marstal as the only dog from all the participants passed IPO-I!

Congrats and BIG THANK YOU to owners of SAMBOR & LIBRA for providing them with active life :)

We add also photos of 3-week old son of MILLA & LENNOX vom Weissen Schwan and daughters of MILLA from her previous litter: SALMA & SELENA Marstal.

06 Sept. 2012 - we got fantastic news from Lithuania - SOPHIE Marstal became LT JUNIOR CHAMPION! So all 3 daughters from the 1st litter of our MILLA Marstal are Junior Champions! Below new photos of SOPHIE - more photos of SOPHIE and her brother SANDOKAN on the page "S" Marstal puppies growing up.

(in the photos SOPHIE Marstal)

As every year, in August we went for the ADRK Club Show in Rottweil, Germany. Almost 500 rottweilers from all over the world were entered. Also beautiful MALIKA Marstal from Finland attended. She got great report and was rated EXCELLENT (V) (as one of 18 out of 59 females entered to the open class)!

(in the photos MALIKA at the ADRK KSZ)

Have a look at the first part of photos from the ADRK Klubsieger Zuchtschau in Rottweil. More to be added soon!

Besides, GANDALF Marstal achieved another success. At the Lithuanian Club Show he became for the 3rd time LT CLUB WINNER & BEST OF BREED!

Congratulations to all owners of MARSTAL rottweilers!

07 Aug. 2012 - after long analysis and consideration we are proud to announce our upcoming litter! Our multi-titled MILLA Marstal was bred to young star of German rottweilers LENNOX vom Weissen Schwan. More information on the Upcoming litter page.

Also super news from last weekend! MILLA's daughter - SALMA Marstal won junior class with JSERT on the International Show in Parnu (Estonia) and became: ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION & BALTIC JUNIOR CHAMPION!!!! Big congrats to SALMA's owners - Olga and Sergey!

(in the photo SALMA - from the right with her friend WORT - from the left)

Apart from this, MILLA's sister - MALIKA Marstal won tracking competition in Finland! Big congrats to MALIKA's owner - Merja!

(in the photo MALIKA with her trophies)

18 Jun. 2012 - daugther of MILLA - SELENA Marstal achieved wonderful result at the ADRK Brandenburgsieger Show - V1, Jug. CAC & BRANDENBURGJUGENDSIEGERIN 2012 title! Our MILLA Marstal won champion class and received another (9th already!) Dt.-VDH Ch. Anw. (VDH-CAC). Here are mum and daughter with their trophies:

(in the photo MILLA - from the left and SELENA - from the right)

Have a look at the full photo report from the 20. ADRK Brandenburgsieger Zuchtschau .

LIBRA Marstal and SAMBOR Marstal passed PT-I - obedience exam with very good results. Congratulations!

23 May 2012 - historic success of a Polish rottweiler:

GANDALF Marstal - WORLD WINNER 2012 + Best of Breed
at the World Show in Salzburg (Austria), judge K. Reisinger (A).

Our MILLA Marstal daughters became champions! SALMA Marstal winning junior class (JCAC) at the Nat. Show in w Talsi (LV) completed LV JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP and also became Best Female. Thanks to this, she also met requirements of LT JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP!

SELENA Marstal completed PL JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP by achieving Junior Winner title at the Int. Show in Lodz (PL), judge J. Wulff (D - ADRK).

At the same show MAXI Marstal won CACIB & Best Female title GANDALF Marstal - CACIB & Best Male & Best of Breed titles!
Many congratulations to all the owners!!!

We've added also photos of SALMA, SELENA & SAMBOR Marstal.

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