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PRISKA Marstal - picture gallery

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Please, click a chosen picture of PRISKA to enlarge it.

PRISKA (3 weeks old) - very promissing head type

...and here either at 3 weeks of age

PRISKA - show stance at 5 weeks of age

PRISKA (7 w.o.) - a great chase in the garden

PRISKA (7 w.o.) - a happy puppy trotting

PRISKA (7 weeeks old) a little calmer now

7-week old PRISKA having a rest

PRISKA - 9 weeks of age - front

...and her profile

PRISKA at the age of 9 weeks

PRISKA (9 w.o.) - beautiful show stance

PRISKA (4,5 m.o.) - at her first show - PL Club Winner Show in Radom

PRISKA - excellent in a show stance (6 months old)

PRISKA (6 m.o.) - noble head expression

...and alertness

...and one more photo from this session

PRISKA winning on CACIB Show Katowice '04 (10 m.o.)

...head show

... and here PRISKA with me - proud handler

May photo session of 12-month old PRISKA

...part 2

...& part 3

..and portrait at the end

13-month old PRISKA presents her body lines

March 2005 - 23-month old PRISKA in a show stance

attentive PRISKA 

one more photo in a show stance

profile of PRISKA

head portrait of 23-month old PRISKA

PRISKA with his friend Wojtek

PRISKA winning Best of Breed at CACIB Show Berghem (NL) 2005

PRISKA running - Belgium Clubshow 2005 (photo D. Vandecasteele)

and standing - Belgium Clubshow 2005 (photo D. Vandecasteele)

PRISKA with me (Joanna) after winning Best of Breed at CAC Show Kalisz (PL) 2005

and another shot from the show in  Kalisz

PRISKA - WINNER OF POLAND 2005 - Int. Dog Show in Poznan

PRISKA (2 y.o.) - pure inteligence

Photo session of  PRISKA (3-year old) - September 2006

PRISKA at the age of 4.5 years (December 2007)  

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