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About us

Hello! My name is Joanna and together with my parents: Elzbieta & Tadeusz, we are breeders of "Marstal" Rottweilers. We live in the middle of Europe - in Poland. In 2002, my partner Wojtek joined the team and got fascinated with rottweilers the same as we are. Our dogs live at home together with us as the equal members of the family.

Rottweilers became our real, family passion in 1980's , but our first dog of this breed - PAX Predator (aka "Mars") appeared in our family in 1991. He was an absolutely special dog who made our dreams about owning a 100% rottweiler came true. Because of him we became confident that rottweilers will accompany us forever.

We managed to create our own multigenerational, recognizable line of "Marstal" rottweilers, whose foundation bitch was a daugther of famous World Winner RAGNAR van het Falconsnest - NESKA RAUBRITTER Ankus. We consistently continue our line, because we are convinced about the character and type of our dogs.

Throughout all these years, a few rottweilers have accompanied us; each of them had special, unique personality. They spent with us all their lives; we never sell adult dogs. Each rottweiler is our family member living with us in the house. This lets us understand our dogs and be in close relations with them.

We love our dogs and we want to know about them as much as possible. For this reason we try to be everywhere, where something interesting round rottweilers like shows, trainings, championships, breed suitability tests etc. is happening. I am also a member of ADRK (German Club of Rottweiler). Besides, my mum Elzbieta and me finish our seniorities as judge's show assistants - of course on rings of rottweilers. Hopefully, I will be able to become a rottweiler judge in a couple of years.

Thanks to this we have already gathered quite a lot of experience in relations with this splendid breed. I try to spend with our dogs every free moment after work. We also spend holidays and travel a lot together with our rottweilers .

Please, click one of the pictures below to enlarge.


Elzbieta and Tadeusz + our dogs in our garden

Elzbieta & PAX in our garden

Elzbieta, Joanna, PAX & NESKA on holidays '2000

Elzbieta (first from the left) as a judge's show assistant


Please, feel free to contact us and e-mail your comments and suggestions.

El¿bieta & Tadeusz Rymarczyk
LODZ, Poland
tel. +48/ 606/ 19-87-91

Joanna Rymarczyk
POZNAN, Poland
tel. +48/ 600/ 74-73-47
e-mail: marstal@igk.pl

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