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MAMBO's pedigree

MAMBO's show reports


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Father of NESKA's litter - Spring '2002 - top German rottweiler !


MAMBO von der Crossener Ranch


Int./Dt.-VDH Champion, Europe Winner (VDH) '2002, V-ce Europe Winner (VDH) '2001, Austria / Swiss Club Winner '2002, winner (V 1) of the open class on the ADRK Klubsieger Show in Germany '2001, Multi CAC/CACIB, IPO III, SchH III, FH II, AD, BH, HD +/-, ED-,
born: 23.06.1998

F: Int. /Dt.-VDH /Switz. /Austr. /Lux Champ., Youth World Winner '94, BJS '94, BS '97, ES (FCI) '97, Austr. BS '95, '96, '97, Switz. KS '96, SchH III, AD, IPO III, HD -, ED - RICK von Burgthann M: SchH I, AD, BH, HD +/- EVI v.d. Crossener Ranch



MAMBO's pedigree:

RICK v. Burgthann

Int. /Dt.-VDH /Switz. /Austr. /Lux Champ., Youth World Winner '94, BJS '94, BS '97, ES (FCI) '97, Austr. BS '95, '96, '97, Switz. KS '96, SchH III, AD, IPO III, Gek., HD -, ED -

DOC v.d. Teufelsbrucke

Int. Champ., Austr. KS '95, SchH III, FH, AD, Gek., HD -

BENNO v.d. Schwarzen Heide

Int./Dt.-VDH/ Am/ Can Ch., BJS '87, BS '90, World Winner '90, ES '90, SchH III, IPO III, FH, AD, HD -

SANTO v. Schwaiger Wappen

Int./ Dt.-VDH Ch. ,World Winner '86, SchH III, IPO III, FH, AD, HD +/-

LAILA v. Hohenhameln

SchH I, AD, HD -

BEA v.d. Teufelsbrucke

Int./ Dt.-VDH Ch., KJS '88, BJS '88, BS '90, '91, '92, SchH III, IPO III, FH, AD, Gek. b. EzA, HD +/-

FALKO v. Gruntenblick

SchH III, FH, AD, Gek., HD -

GOLDA v. Sonnenberg

Int.Ch., BS '86, KS '87, SchH I, AD, FH, HD +/-

HOPE v. Burgthann

SchH I, BH, HD -

CHRIS v. Obergrombacher Schloss

BS '89, SchH III, AD, Gek., HD -

HASSAN v. Koenigsgarten

SchH III, AD, BH, HD -

BERTA v. Klein-Vach

SchH II, AD, BH, HD -

SONJA v. Kupferdach

SchH III, FH, AD, Gek., HD -

KARO v. Schwaiger Wappen

SchH III, FH, DM FH '85, Gek., HD -

NIKE v. Kupferdach

SchH I, BH, HD -

EVI v.d. Crossener Ranch

SchH I, AD, BH, HD +/-

ASTOR v. Pfaffenberg

SchH I, BH, HD -

WOLF v. Winkel

DDR SG '85, '86, SchH II, HD -

BOBBI v. Steibruch

LONI v. Winkel

EVI v. Lungwitztal

SchH I, HD -

FERRO v. Buddenturm

FANTA v. Hegebach

BIA v.d. Crossener Ranch

SchH I, BH, HD -

  CLIFF v. Oeterkotten

Int. /NL / Lux Champ., IPO III, FH, AD, BH, Gek. b. EzA, HD -

    JAHN v. Forstwald


  MONA v. Siedlerpfad

Int. Ch., ES '87, SchH I, FH, AD, HD -

CONNY v. Muhlberg

SchH II, BH, HD -

A v.Akazienhof

YESSI v. Winkel

MAMBO's show reports:

"Powerful, compact, deep and wide, of correct size, very proportional, of strong bone, strong very well defined head, scissor bite, lips and gums well pigmented, short strong deep muzzle, strong cheeks, black-brown eyes, strong forehead, of medium size correctly carried ears, strong neck, deep very well shaped chest, strong paws, correctly developed shoulders, strong firm back, correct tail, rear and front legs well set, angulated and muscled, short firm coat, clearly defined red-brown markings, free spacious rational movement." (ADRK Judge- Hartmut Teschke)

Show report

V 1 - Kaufungen '2001- ADRK Judge - H.J.Radtke

Show report

V 1 - Ransbach-Baumbach '2001 - ADRK Judge - W.Walter

Show report

V 1 - Zwickau-Planitz '2001 - ADRK Judge - H.Teschke

Show report

V 1 - Selchow '2001 - ADRK Judge U.Peterman

NESKA & MAMBO litter

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