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ELIOT NESS Marstal - picture gallery

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Please, click the chosen picture of ELIOT to enlarge.

ELIOT at almost 3 weeks of age

and at 4 weeks of age

in a show stance at the age of 6 weeks

promissing head type of ELIOT (6 weeks old)

and his face at 6 weeks of age

3-month-old ELIOT smiling to the photo

ELIOT always appreciates comfort (at 3 months)

in a show stance at the age of 4,5 months

here also at the age of 4,5 months

...and here as well

7-month old ELIOT

ELIOT - show stance at 7 months of age

ELIOT (8 months) - resting during play

ELIOT (9 months) - beautiful head

...and powerful body

ELIOT (8 months) shown by me (Joanna) at the final ring in Puppy Best in Show competition - CACIB Poznań '02

10-month old ELIOT while playing ...on the sofa

Noble & elegant young male - ELIOT NESS at 15 months of age

ELIOT (15 months old) - short, compact body

...and another ELIOT's photo taken in the same session

ELIOT - still full of energy after the show in Leszno

ELIOT (26 m.o., from the right) with his younger half-sister PRISKA (13 m.o., from the left)

A small photo session of 27-month old ELIOT in our garden

... a head portrait

... and in a show stance

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